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Risk Management & Needs Coverage

Income protection

Income Protection Insurance gives you an easy, economical way to protect your income – your single most important asset – should a serious accident or illness keep you from your job. 

Family protection

To help protect your family, you need coverage that fits comfortably in your budget and adapts to your changing lifestyle, income and needs.

Asset protection

Take steps to protect, save and grow your wealth. You’ve worked hard to build significant assets for yourself and your family — assets you want to protect, grow and pass on.

Travel Insurance

Get help covering your unexpected emergency medical expenses and more wherever you travel with a travel insurance plan, and choose your travel insurance plans based on what matters to you.

Estate protection

Life is always changing so estate plans should be reviewed every five to seven years or when your personal circumstances change (birth, death, divorce). It’s important to plan ahead, especially if you have a spouse or any dependants. We can make the process stress-free so you can focus on what matters most.