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The four cornerstones of financial planning

Following the "four cornerstones of financial planning" philosophy, we can help guide you through the process of having a plan in place that covers all four areas. 

We understand that protecting your family is your number one priority, and having in place a safety net for life that may change in an instant, is our number one priority.

The four cornerstones of financial planning

A sound financial security plan should protect you against uncontrollable events such as disabilities or death, while helping you plan for controllable events such as buying a new home and retiring comfortably. To do this, our planning process is based on four cornerstones of financial security planning:

  • Financial security at death
  • Retirement
  • Liquidity
  • Disability, Critical illness, Life insurance

Whether your needs and goals are long-term or more immediate, EJM Financial can help you build a financial strategy tailored to your needs and those of your family. 

Financial security at death

  • When you die, how can you help safeguard your estate for your family?
  • How much income will your family need?
  • How will inflation affect this income?


  • Would you like to retire early or reduce the time you spend working?
  • When you retire, what type of lifestyle do you envision?
  • How much income will you need to retire comfortably?
  • How will inflation affect this income?


  • Do you have access to cash or liquid assets (i.e. assets that can be easily converted to cash)?

Disability and critical illness

  • How would a critical illness or disability affect your income?
  • Would a reduced income affect your retirement savings and would this reduction affect your lifestyle?
  • How much disability or critical illness insurance coverage is enough?
  • If you become critically ill or disabled and take time off work, how will inflation affect your income?
  • If you become critically ill or disabled, will provisions in your group plan allow you to continue saving for your retirement?